Rhinoclemmys melanosterna hatchling
Breeding Updates

Rhinoclemmys Melanosterna Hatchling

March 30, 2018 gerardzs 0

Rhinoclemmys melanosterna hatchling We are thrilled to announce the birth of the first Rhinoclemmys melanosterna hatchling at Albinoturtles.com. While this is not a albino, it is still a very cool species. This is a Colombian […]

Turtles for sale

Turtle Morphs For Sale

March 8, 2018 gerardzs 0

Turtle Morphs For Sale We have several clutches cooking so far this year, and will start to have turtle morphs for sale very soon. This season we are expecting to have several morphs available. I […]

Albino Mud Turtle
Species info

Albino Mud Turtle

March 6, 2018 gerardzs 0

Albino Mud TurtleĀ  We just got a new Albino Mud Turtle project to work on, and we are very excited to see her. This little Albino Florida Mud Turtle is the only known albino of […]