Albino Wood Turtles

Albino Wood Turtles

Albino Wood Turtles are one of the rarest Turtle Morphs in the world. They are also very easy turtles to keep in captivity, making them a great species for displays. There are three different species of Albino Wood Tutles being kept in captivity. is working with two of them, and we are only a couple years away from producing the first captive produced Albino Wood Turtles.


Albino Wood turtles

Albino Rhinoclemmys and Glyptemys insculpta 

The Furrowed Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys areolata) and Honduran Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys incisa) are the two we work with. We are very lucky to get to work with these amazing looking morphs. They’re both very easy turtles to keep in captivity, and they’re small size makes them easy to setup. We are working on reproducing these morphs now, and have already produced several heterozygous (normal looking gene carriers) hatchlings from the female Furrowed Wood Turtle. The Honduran Wood Turtle is a young male, and almost up to breeding size. The first captive albinos are still a few years away, and they’re going to be well worth the wait.

There is also a Albino North American Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta). Someone  found it in the wild as a new hatchling, and brought it to a museum. It’s currently being kept there and seems to be thriving.

Albino Wood turtles

 The Future

Our first het Albino Furrowed Wood Turtles have already started breeding behaviors. It’s very possible that we will start getting the first eggs this year. This species only lays 1-2 eggs in a clutch, and with only a 25% chance, per egg, of hatching a albino, it’s going to be exciting to start getting eggs in the incubator.


Albino Wood turtles

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Albino Wood turtles