White Mississippi Map Turtles

White Mississippi Map Turtles

White Mississippi Map Turtles are amazing turtles! This is a beautiful morph that is still very rare in captivity, and only a few are hatched every year. We are the only breeder producing this morph, and are making double hets with other morphs now. White Mississippi Map Turtles are not Albino Turtles, but a Super Hypo, and do not have red eyes. This morph is very strong, and as a result can grow very quickly. We love this morph! There are only a few Map Turtle Morphs being worked with, and it’s always cool to see these guys hatch out.

White Mississippi Map turtles

Map Turtles are medium sized turtles, and very easy to keep in captivity. Despite their small size, they still require a lot space to be happy and healthy. They’re very shy turtles that love plenty of cover and sight breaks. We offer multiple basking areas, floating plants, and hiding areas under water. Map turtles are wonderfully turtles to keep in your outside ponds. They are sun worshipers, amd will pile on top of each other to stretch out and soak in the sun.


White Mississippi Map Turtles

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White Mississippi Map Turtles