Charcoal Red Ear Sliders

Charcoal Red Ear Sliders – First Produced Here

Charcoal Red Ear Sliders were produced for the first time in 2015, here at This morph is a different line of Melanistic RES than the Chinese line. The Charcoal gene is a color and pattern mutation that is extremely variable, with different patterns hatching in a single clutch. They have dark, patternless skin, sometimes with shades of blue or gray. This morph has the potential to produce new double recessive combinations in the future. Charcoal Red Ear Sliders look amazing when housed with other morphs like Caramel Pink Red Ear Sliders and Albino Red Ear Sliders, adding some amazing contrast to your aquarium or pond.

Charcoal Red Ear Sliders

Charcoal Red Ear Sliders are a medium sized turtle, growing up to 12″ in length. They can reach breeding size in 3 years, producing up to 8 clutches of eggs per year. This is a very easy species to keep in captivity, but require a lot of space to be happy and healthy. Charcoal Red Ear Sliders require the same care as the normal form does. Despite what many people think, turtle morphs have no problems living outside in the sunlight. Charcoal Red Ear Sliders bask for many hours a day, and will pile on top of each other, making them a great display choice for outdoor ponds.

Charcoal Red Ear Sliders

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Charcoal Red Ear Sliders