Albino Stinkpot

The Albino Stinkpot is a dream Turtle Morph. Due to its extremely small adult size, and easy care, it’s the perfect Albino Turtle. Despite its small size, this species has a giant personality. They love lots of hiding spots and explore their enclosures looking for food. They max out at around 4 inches, which is perfect for housing indoors year round. In our opinion, this is biggest project we are working on, despite being the smallest Turtle.

Albino stinkpot

We setup our Albino Stinkpot hatchlings in 10 gallon tanks for the first year of their lives. Due to their aggressive feeding habits, our hatchlings are fed individually to avoid any tail nips. This species is extremely easy to keep, and are very entertaining to watch exploring their habitat. We offer several hiding spots and sight breaks when keeping them in groups. This allows them to relax, and makes them feel safe. Our breeders are kept in medium size aquatic Waterland Tubs. However, they can be kept in any 40 gallon or larger tubs or tanks. We feed Mazuri aquatic diet, and keep their water very clean.

Albino stinkpot

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Albino stinkpot